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Sebastian Shaw [userpic]

Sebastian Shaw Dead

May 29th, 2007 (01:35 pm)

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From the most recent afternoon edition of The Daily Bugle:

Wealthy Industrialist Dies In Fire

By: Ron Barney, staff reporter

Sebastian Shaw, President and CEO of Shaw Industries has been preliminarily identified by authorities as the sole victim of a fire at the industrialist's Long Island estate. At approximately 4:37 AM this morning, LIFD responded to a 911 call placed by Shaw's closest neighbor, a prominent Hollywood figure who declined to be identified. Three engines arrived at the Shaw estate to find the $4.7M mansion almost completely engulfed in flames. Two hours later, once the fire had been put under control and subsequently extinguished, Rescue and Recovery teams found only a single, badly burned body. As Shaw was known to have been at home this past evening and in light of other evidence yet to be specified by the LIPD detectives in charge of the case, authorities are cautiously confirming that the remains are indeed those of Sebastian Shaw. Further statements from the police, medical examiner and fire marshal offices are forthcoming.

Although authorities are being typically and understandably tight-lipped about the majority of the specifics involved, the Bugle has been able to learn the following: Sources close to the investigation are for the moment ruling out accidental death, concentrating their efforts on either murder or suicide. As stated, the remains that are being assumed to be Shaw's were the only remains found at the site, as the entirety of Shaw's small personal staff had all been sent home that evening. Those individuals (a butler, a driver, a cook and a personal assistant, all of whose names are yet unknown outside of the detectives in charge) are being sought for questioning.

Shaw, a powerful businessman in the mold of self-made millionaires such as Tony Stark and Obadiah Stane, was born in Pittsburgh, PA. Determined to further himself, he founded Shaw Industries as a young man, following engineering school, building the company into an industrial and economic powerhouse, becoming a billionaire not long after. Detractors long characterized Shaw as a common bully, his powerful physical build matching his supposedly "thuggish" behavior in the board room and at the negotiation table. Despite several periods of decline and possible collapse, Shaw Industries consistently weathered its difficulties and was restored to prominence.

Shaw Industries itself is perhaps best well known for having been involved in a number of anti-mutant initiatives, such as the various Sentinel projects, though the company's stance (and that of Shaw himself) has cooled somewhat on that subject in recent years. As for Sebastian Shaw, the man was as well known for his social connections, being often seen in the company of both military and political movers and shakers as well as a number of other celebrities. It is known that Shaw had some connections to the mysterious Hellfire Club, an elite establishment that has included among its other well-known members Emma Frost, now of the Xavier Institute, Warren Worthington, Sr. and according to rumor, even mutant terrorist Magneto.

The Daily Bugle is currently seeking statements from any and all individuals who knew, worked with, or may have been connected to Sebastian Shaw. As of printing, Shaw Industries had yet to issue a formal statement, and it is unknown if Shaw's successor is known.

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Sebastian Shaw [userpic]

The New Beginning ((RP with queenemma, erikscordelia & stoic_slim))

March 12th, 2007 (11:44 pm)
current location: Shaw Industries offices, Manhattan
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OOC: The bendy-time stuff: This scene takes place on Saturday the 10th, the day after Scott meets with Shaw, which is some time after he speaks with his brother Alex (a scene to come), which itself comes after beer and discussions with Cable and three telepathic conversations that don't go so well. *L* Things are plotted behind the scenes, a surprise is dropped and surprisingly nefarious deeds are in the offing.

Rightful placesCollapse )

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Sebastian Shaw [userpic]

By Any Means Necessary (('RP' with stoic_slim))

March 7th, 2007 (09:55 am)

current location: Tantalus lounge, Manhattan
current mood: devious

OOC: This scene takes place after both Scott's talks with Emma, Jean & Rachel, and his meeting with Cable, thanks to the phenomenon of RP bendy-time. Between this and Emma's talk with Lorna, the insanity of the Hellfire Club's return starts falling into place. There's no mention of Alex, though, since the bulk of this has been written for a while, but I can adjust once that plays out. People, this storyline is made of awesome. Yay for you all.

Desperate MeasuresCollapse )

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Sebastian Shaw [userpic]

Astonish Them - Sun Rise

April 4th, 2006 (01:19 pm)

current location: Westin Excelsior Hotel, Rome, Italy
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Half-past nine in the morning was not a time of the day I particularly relished seeing, but having done more than a little time as the hands-on CEO of Shaw Enterprises, I had more than a little experience with rousing myself out of a bed I'd fallen into only a few hours prior. There were opportunities to be had for the 'early bird', and not much but scraps for the late.

I glanced over my shoulder, out the open double doors that led onto the balcony, with its excellent view of the Eternal City. Rome was not my favorite city in the world, but I did enjoy it, and if Madelyne and I had been here alone for a-- well, perhaps not a 'romantic' vacation, but certainly an indulgently entertaining one-- I'd have been looking at the city from the hotel's Villa del Cupola suite, the massive marble-floored ultimate in Roman ostentatiousness, rather than the relatively humble Presidential Suite. But we were here on business, on the first public mission of the grand plan, and we were not alone besides.

Turning back toward the TV, and the CNN broadcast I'd been monitoring. The image behind the newscaster was running a loop of a few minutes earlier, when our companion had made his spectacular and-- no pun intended-- inflammatory appearance among the disgruntled former mutant protestors. Speculation in the immediate aftermath of Sunfire's announcements was running rampant.

I sipped at the strong, dark Italian coffee and smiled to myself. The 'resurrected' and 'restored' Shiro Yoshida would soon be returning to the hotel, and preparations would begin for the next phase.

At the moment, though, I could hear the approaching footsteps, heels clicking on the polished marble tile floor. My Black Queen was up and about. I gave her a nod over my shoulder and gestured at the television report, which was now examining an enhanced zoom-in of Sunfire's new, more spectacular appearance.

"Our business partner made quite the impression on people this morning," I quipped. "Just the right touch of righteous anger, I'd say."

((Open to Maddie and Shiro))

Sebastian Shaw [userpic]

Astonish Them - Opportunity

February 24th, 2006 (01:10 pm)
current mood: determined

When opportunity knocks, one must absolutely answer-- there is no other choice, unless one wants to be left behind at best, or worse, trampled underfoot.

In the minor example, every fluctuation in finance is an opportunity waiting to be seized. Untold wealth has been expended in an attempt to emulate the human instinct and intuition that allows the very best analysts and brokers to understand each minute change and react accordingly.

Mutantkind now stands in the wake of the most significant and monumental wave of change in the history of the world since the very inception of homo superior. We few, we lucky few who were judged either lucky or worthy enough to escape the upheaval unscathed have been presented with perhaps the greatest opportunity any of us will ever know. Where there were many, now there are one hundred ninety-eight.

And I fully intend to seize this opportunity to stand atop that number, exactly as I am meant to.

As if I had needed another reason to train my sights on that whelp DaCosta and his perversion of the Hellfire Club, this was the last, most important one. The Hellfire Club would become the apparatus through which I would affect my ascendancy. It had not taken long to recruit the individuals necessary for the reestablishment of my regime, this time with only a Black King and Queen as Lords Cardinal. My dark-hearted Madelyne was more than ready and willing to put her substantial abilities to my purposes, especially in light of her own.

The final piece to fall into place was the gift I'd received from our mysterious benefactor. Though I had no inkling as of yet just who it was that had given me the key to my dominance, but I was certain that once my ends had been achieved it would be nothing to destroy that weakness. In the meantime, I merely needed to wait and watch until the time was right.

The world was almost ready, and when it was it would come to me on its knees.

Sebastian Shaw [userpic]

And well it should be

January 17th, 2006 (09:02 am)

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My life is rated NC-17!

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Sebastian Shaw [userpic]

House of Magnus - Meeting with the Boss

November 15th, 2005 (02:29 pm)

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"I don't give a damn what the local constabulary is telling you! I am telling you that your orders were to root out the sapien terrorists' cell in that city, and you will obey that order, or I will soon be using you to test the helicarrier's launch catapults!"

the man in chargeCollapse )

Glancing again at the chrono, Shaw knew he needed to turn his attention on less pride-inducing matters. He disliked the rigmarole of personnel evaluations and the way such things cut into his time, but he did understand their purpose. He touched another control that opened a line to his executive assistant's desk, in his outer office.

"Send in Agent Romanoff."

((Open to Natasha))

Sebastian Shaw [userpic]

Back in Black (for hellfiremaddie)

November 9th, 2005 (03:22 pm)
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Most decidedly not a happy man, Sebastian Shaw scowled almost the entire way across the Atlantic Ocean. To an outside observer, there should have been almost nothing for the man to be upset about. Shaw Industries had made him one of the wealthiest men in the United States, if not the world... his influence ranged from the political to the financial and into almost every possibly direction legal and otherwise, ensuring that he would never want for anything and could arrange any favor imaginable... lastly, he was a mutant, capable of asorbing kinetic energy and transforming it into strength.

What he could not abide, however, was the loss of what he'd always considered his greatest achievement-- the Hellfire Club. What he'd turned from a social club for dilettante millionaires and a haven for ambitious, though ineffectual mutant activists into one of the most powerful shadow organizations on the planet was now being used and transformed into an altruistic society by bleeding-heart mutant apologists. To Shaw, Charles Xavier at least had been an adversary of worth. Roberto DaCosta, who now wore the mantle of Lord Imperial, with the traitorous Sage at his side, was even worse-- an idealist and a follower.

Shaw stared into the wide bulb of glass he held in his hand, a small pool of amber liquid, the finest brandy, swirling in the bottom. He was determined that the Hellfire Club would again be his, would return to its rightful place in the world.

It had taken months of careful planning and patience, but the time was right. His wealth was at a peak, and agents under his infulence were positioned exactly where he would need them, and according to his sources, DaCosta was too distracted by the massive task of dismantling and re-creating the Hellfire Club in Xavier's image to defend the castle, as it were. Shaw himself had recovered fully from the injuries he'd sustained at Donald Pierce's mechanical hands.

All that was left was one final piece to place on the board.

As the small Bombardier private jet touched down at the small corporate airstrip outside of Paris, Shaw steeled himself for the coming confrontation. He hated needing anyone, and despised being in anyone's debt. This time, he was both, and it rankled him to no end.

But the result would be the return of all he held dear. And so, when the limousine dropped him off outside of the chateau, and the liveried servant ushered him past antiques and appointments in exquisite taste, he was ready. Shaw found her surrounded by deep reds and golds in a large study, draped in a crimson dress and eyeing him curiously.

Shaw smiled slightly.

"You're looking well, Madelyne. But you did always look better in black."

((Open to Maddie))

Sebastian Shaw [userpic]

House of Magnus - Top of the Morning

November 8th, 2005 (09:21 pm)

Sebastian Shaw woke, swinging his legs out of the bed and standing. Stretching the few morning aches and knots away, he recalled a time someone had once asked him how he'd ever acclimated to sleeping aboard the massive helicarrier. Like every other S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, he'd had to get his 'air legs' before feeling completely at ease, even though the massive propellors and other propulsion systems kept the craft far more stable than any ocean-bound carrier. These days, though, Shaw found himself more comfortable aboard the helicarrier than he did on earth.

Of course, the massive quarters, the fine appointments, and the king-size bed with Egyptian cotton sheets that would have made any four-star hotel proud didn't hurt his ability to cope, either.

Shaw stepped into the head and availed himself of a steaming hot shower before dressing. As he pulled on his black and white S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform, he mused over the unpredictable twists and turns his life had taken thus far. Even before he discovered his mutancy, Shaw had known that he had been chosen for a greater destiny than his humble background would have suggested. In America's past, great industrialists such as Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan had singled themselves out, even above their own wealthy and powerful kind as the apex of the pyramid of humanity. Now that homo superior had rightfully supplanted their forbears, it was logical that even amongst the great there were the truly superlative.

At the very top, of course, stood Lord Magneto himself. Shaw knew in his core that if he were not destined to stand at that level himself, then there was meant to be no one higher than Sebastian Shaw but Lord Magneto.

His original plan had been to dominate the world by surreptitious means. First had come Shaw Industries, which had made him wealthy and respected. Then had come the Hellfire Club, and his tenure as Black King, through which he was powerful and feared by those who knew of the club's true nature. And then the wars had come, and if Sebastian Shaw knew one thing, it was how to pick a winner. He served the House of Magnus faithfully and proudly, and was rewarded with the command of the world's greatest and most powerful police force, S.H.I.E.L.D.

With authority and righteousness mandated by the Lord Magneto, Shaw had turned S.H.I.E.L.D. from a mere peacekeeping and intelligence force into the magnificent machine it was today. He created both the elite Red Guard squad as well as the New Mutant Leadership Academy, and was thoroughly involved an aware of every move, every decision made within his bailiwick.

That, of course, was not to say Sebastian did not have his own designs of a more... shadowy nature.

Pulling back his dark, thick hair into a tail, secured by a black cord at his neck-- a heldover affectation from the days of black frock coats and ruffled shirts-- he gave his uniform a final once-over. Occasionally for public appearances, Shaw donned the older style of S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform made famous by his sapien predecessor and now his highest-priority fugitive, Nick Fury. Day to day, however, the more militaristic and formal-looking current incarnation was his duty uniform, as it was that day.

A last adjustment to both his epaulets and tunic and he was satisfied. Before leaving, Shaw stepped toward the bed and took a moment to regard the barely-moving form in it, still tangled in the expensive sheets. Tapping her on the shoulder, he leaned down to speak.

"Your duty shift is in thirty minutes. Best not be late."

Without waiting for a reply, Shaw turned on his heel and left the room.

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